This website contains my thoughts and my attempts to understand the world around me. I am posting these thoughts and attempts here in order to make them publicly available for scrutiny, correction, discussion and plaudits. Perhaps readers might even learn something themselves from what they find.

The site has two main elements: a blog of random thoughts and a collection of projects. The blog might contain all kinds of nonsense about nothing in particular, often undeveloped or partly developed ideas that will eventually find themselves into a project. The projects are essay or book-like texts on specific topics. In both cases, most everything is likely to be about sociopolitical issues and have an anthropological flavor. I have a BSc (Hons) in Anthropology and am also interested in cognitive science as well as data science, politics, economics and history. I have no vast knowledge of any of these subjects, indeed shaping my knowledge is one of my main reasons for creating this site.

I hope you find the site either useful, entertaining or both. Feel free to comment wherever possible, though I want the comments section to be respectful and constructive and will remove anything that can’t be described by at least one of these words.